STARTER Water Damage Prevention Kit

STARTER Water Damage Prevention Kit

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Our Starter Kit is our basic package for preventing water damage to your property.  Makes for a great starting point for smaller homes or condo's where you have just a few areas you need to monitor for leaks.  Simply place sensors nearby water appliances that could leak and cause water damage.  Then, have your plumber install the water valve on your main.  Once configured, the sensors will detect leaks, and tell the system to turn off the water immediately, stopping any further water from leaking. 

The kit includes the electric actuator & shut-off valve to turn on/off your water and 3 flood & temperature sensors.

**Note** A compatible Network Controller is Required for use with this bundle (sold separately).  Please contact us for more info.

Select from the list of options below to create your Kit specific to your home.  Follow our guide here to help you create the package.


Step 1: Where is your existing water main shut-off valve?  

Note: If you live in the southern United States, it may be outside on an exterior wall, or inside in a basement or garage.   Northern states where it freezes during winter will all be indoor installed units.

  • If you need to plumb the unit outside, select our Outdoor Unit.
  • If you can plumb the unit inside (Dry, temperature controlled space), then select our Indoor Unit.


(indoor installation)

Step 2a: Select your ball valve size: (Size of your water main pipe)

  • 3/4" , or 1", or 1 1/4" Sizes are available 


(outdoor installation)

Step 2b: Select your cable length:

(length of cable connecting outdoor actuator to control panel, which will be installed inside)

  • 25 feet, 50 feet, or 75 feet of cable.

Tip: If, for example, you only need 10 feet; buy the 25 feet, then trim out the excess during installation.

Step 3b: Select your ball valve size: (Size of your water main pipe)

  • 3/4" , or 1", or 1 1/4" Sizes are available 


If you find you require more sensors for your project, consider one of the other kit's or simply add individually sold sensors to your cart.

Pipe Size:
Installation Location:
Outdoor Unit Cable Length:
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