TOP 5 Things You Can Do to Avoid Water Damage, So you Can Enjoy Worry Free Traveling this Summer


Are you a nervous traveler?  Is it because you know of all the crap that can happen when you go away?  Or maybe you've witnessed it happen to someone you know.  

Well, join the club.  You're not alone; and by the way, you have good reasons to be nervous.  Statistics show that most insurance claims for property damage happen during the summer months. Millions of Americans & Canadians suffer from property damage to their homes, weather it's from Storm damage, to Water Leaks & Frozen pipes, to Theft and Vandalism.  Much of that actually happens during the travel season,  peaking in August.

So, what can you do this season to prepare and avoid the dreadful?  We've compiled our TOP 5 things you can do NOW to protect your home from water damage. 

#1 . Turn OFF the Water Main

There's little reason to leave the water on to the house when you're away.  Just turning it off significantly reduces the risk of catastrophic water damage.

#2. Drain Pipes

Sitting water in pipes can cause corrosion and leaks to occur in your appliances and faucets.  If you're going to be away for an extended period of time, this is a worthwhile step to help reduce the possibility of water damaging your home.

#3. Ask a friend to Keep an Eye on the house

Hopefully you have good neighbors and it won't bother them to keep an eye out for you while your gone.  Asking a friend is also a great way to avoid big surprises when coming home. 


#4. Install a Water Leak sensor

Sensors are fairly in-expensive and can alert you to a leak almost immediately.  Getting the notification is a big help to eliminating the risk of major water damage.  Since you'll be away, getting a sensor alarm message sent to your phone allows you to call a friend to go check out the problem.

#5. Inspect the Sump Pump & Appliance Water Hoses

If you have a basement with a sump pump, check to make sure it works.  Checking the water lines going to your laundry washer is also a key checklist item.  


DO these 5 steps, and you'll be on your way to a great vacation.  There's no guarantee that you wont have a leak occur, but you've done your dude diligence and can feel good about your preparation.


What if I told you that you could install a system that does all this for you, auto-magically?  No need to bother the neighbor or call a friend to house-sit.  No need to turn off the water, let alone find where it is in house.  Or drain the pipes.  Interested?   Give us a call or email us at and we'd be happy to show you how our leak detection and prevention system works!