Water Sensors

What Z-wave Controllers/Gateways do the Water Sensors work with?

  • Our water sensors along with all our products are z-wave certified for compatibility and interoperability with all Z-wave gateways. That said, we have confirmed functionality with the following systems: SmartThings, Vera, HomeSeer, Nexia. New Home automation controllers are constantly coming to market and changing, so the above list is not inclusive or exclusive. It is also not a guarantee for functionality as this is out of our control. We encourage you to contact your system provider and ask about interoperability if you are unsure.

How much water must be present for a water sensor to detect the problem?

  • It only takes a few ounces of water to activate the system, assuming that the sensor is correctly placed in an advantageous location to detect leaks and puddling at the earliest possible stage.

How many water sensors should I use?

  • Each installation is unique and dependent on what areas of your home or building you want to protect. Place sensors near or under washing machines, water heaters, icemakers, dishwashers, humidifiers, sinks, toilets, and other areas that are most likely to be the source of water leaks.

How do I check that my sensor is working?

  • Moisten a paper towel and place over both of the sensor pads on the water sensor until you hear the buzzer "beep" (WWA-01) or observe two quick LED blinks (WWA-02). This is indication your sensor works. Remove the moistened paper towel and clean the small metal pads of any water residue. To reset the alarm, hold the program button to reset the sensor alarm (for WWA-01). Drying the sensor contacts will clear the water alarm (for WWA-02).

If I set my wakeup interval time to X hours, does this mean it gets an updated temperature reading every X hours?

  • Yes, but only if the controller is set up to request the updated temperature reading when it receives the 'wakeup notification' from the WWA01 / WWA01AA. In order to use the WWA01 / WWA01AA for reporting temperatures that change often, a short wakeup interval time is necessary (with the attendant reduction in battery life).

My controller has a way of refreshing/reloading manually. By doing this, will my controller wake up the WWA01/WWA01AA/WWA02/WWA02AA to get an immediate temperature reading?

  • No, the water sensors are not receiving messages from the controller when they are 'asleep' so there is no way to wake them up via a wireless command from the controller. The water sensors can be made to wake up, by pressing the button, though. Note: The WWA02 / WWA02AA water sensors have a fixed wakeup time of 4 hours, so the wakeup interval does not need to be set. However, if the controller sends a 'Wakeup Interval Set' command anyway, the WWA02 / WWA02AA water sensors will automatically report the temperature to that controller node within a half-hour of an approx. 1 degC temperature change (but will not send the 'wakeup notification' to the controller during these reports). Because of this, these units are more suited to reporting temperatures than the WWA01 / WWA01AA devices. In this automatic temperature reporting mode, the WWA02 / WWA02AA devices have a lower expected battery life, though.

When I put my battery in, I don’t hear a “beep”. What do I do?

  • Remove the battery and re-insert it into the battery holder. If you still dont hear a beep, your battery may be dead or defecitve. Try inserting a new battery. If after a new battery has been inserted and problem still remains, please contact support@fortrezz.com

I cannot add my water sensor to the Z-Wave network.

  • First, check to make sure the water sensor is cleared and not learned into a different network. Perform the "remove from network" procedure according to your specific network system, then attempt to re include into the network. Checking your user manual for status indicator info will be useful in understanding the network state of your water sensor.

How do I see the temperature report from the water sensor?

  • Temperature is reported from the water sensor every time it "wakes up" to send its status report to the controller. At that time, your controller will interpret this data and display it in either deg C or F. Please check with your z-wave gateway/controller manufacturer for specific details on how their controller display's temperature reports.

How can I change Low Temperature Trigger Point for the Water/Temperature Sensors?

  • For the WWA-01AA sensors this is not possible, it is a Freeze Detection device only. That is, it has a fixed temperature setpoint of 4degC +/- 2degC. On the other hand, for the WWA-02AA sensors this is possible. WWA-02AA has configurable setpoints. From the user manual... Configuring the WWA-02AA The high and low temperature setpoints in the WWA-02AA can be configured. The low temperature setpoint must always be set at least two degrees below the high temperature setpoint. The low temperature setpoint cannot be set less than –10 degrees C and the high temperature setpoint cannot be set greater than 70 degrees C. The temperature setpoints can be configured via a ‘smart’ controller after inclusion; details are provided in the technical appendix. From the Tech Appendix… Sensor has an accuracy of approx. +/-2 degC. Default alarm trigger points set at approx. 4 degC and 70 degC and CONFIGURATION Parameter 1 sets Low Temperature Trigger Point (degrees Centigrade, 1 signed byte, Default = 4) Parameter 2 sets High Temperature Trigger Point (degrees Centigrade, 1 signed byte, Default = 70) For the WWA-02AA, the controller should be able to handle negative numbers since this is a command class specification requirement.   However, to manually calculate the number, two's complement notation must be used. For example, to express a -10 in Two's Complement Notation, first write the number 10 as a binary byte: 00001010 Then take the complement: 11110101 Then add 1... 11110110 This number, hex F6, is a -10 in Two's complement Notation.See table below for further examples or for more info see Two's complement

Does the water sensor device support beaming?

  • No, this device cannot be woken by a beam. Also, since it is 'asleep' most of the time, it does not act as a beam repeater (it is not a 'listening' node).

How do I associate your sensor directly with another Z-Wave device?

  • Our water sensor may be associated directly with up to 5 other z-wave devices. Please refer to your specific z-wave gateway/controller manual for specific instructions on how to setup associations.

What Z-Wave device class is the water sensor?

  • The water sensor is a binary sensor class.

Can I use your water sensor(s) to measure the temperature on a water pipe? Is it possible to attach some kind of external sensor to the temperature sensor to attach around a water pipe?

  • Our water sensor detects temperature via an internal thermistor, therefore, it is not possible to accomplish this by hard wiring to the water sensor.

Each of the displayed sensors in the MiCasaVerde dashboard just says “Waiting for Wakeup to Configure”. What does this mean?

  • This means the Vera is waiting for the water sensor to "wake up" to configure it. Take the water sensor next to the Vera and push the program button. This will wake up the sensor for 30 seconds and allow vera to configure it. You may have to repeat this step several times until Vera can configure the sensor.

How do you tell the system or group to shut off the valve on a leak detection?

  • There are 2 ways. Best way is to directly associate the sensor to the water valve (please check with your Z-wave gateway instructions on this procedure). Second option is to create a 'scene' and have the valve close if a leak is detected.

Why is the water alarm not responding instantly?

  • The water alarm may take up to 4 or 5 seconds before it sounds. This is to conserve battery life.

What do I need to do after a water or freeze alarm?

  • Because the audible/LED water alarm draws a large current from the battery, the battery should be replaced each time an actual water leak or freeze has been detected. After a water leak please ensure that there is no moisture in the unit before replacing the battery.

What is the temperature sensor accuracy?

  • The temperature sensor has an approx. +/-2 degC accuracy.

How can I configure wakeup notifications?

  • Your controller may be able to be configured to monitor the WWA-01/02 wakeup notifications. If these stop, then this might be an indication that the battery has died or that transmissions from the WWA-01/02 are no longer being received.


What Z-Wave Controllers/Gateways does the Siren work with?

  • Our siren along with all our products are z-wave certified for compatibility and interoperability with all Z-wave gateways. That said, we have confirmed functionality with the following systems: 2GIG, Vera, HomeSeer, Honeywell. New Home automation controllers are constantly coming to market and changing, so the above list is not inclusive or exclusive. It is also not a guarantee for functionality as this is out of our control. We encourage you to contact your system provider and ask about interoperability if you are unsure.

What decibel does the siren sound at?

  • Sound Intensity: 119dB @10cm; 105dB@1m>

Could the Siren be used outdoors?

  • SSA-01/02 Sirens are intended to be used as an indoor product. It is not a sealed unit, therefore, water, moisture, dust, etc., can affect the longevity of the electronics' lifetime. Installing the unit outdoors will void manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the difference between SSA1/SSA2 and the SSA3 Siren/Strobe Alarms?

  • SSA1/SSA2 are Sirens Strobe Alarm devices for Indoor use only. The SSA3 can be also used outdoors in protected areas. Also the SSA3 was specifically designed for the home Security where professional installers can use the additional features like: security loop connection between devices, trigger from security panel on rising or falling signals, temper switch at the back side of the Siren/Strobe, backup battery in case the Siren/Strobe is disconnected when armed and power is cut – the SSA3 is still alarms for seconds. If all the advanced security connections and features are too complicated, we recommend you to use a Security Professional Installer.

The Siren has stopped working or is very faint in loudness, but the Strobe light is still working fine.

  • Take the Siren out of network and do a self-test to see if the Siren sound turns on. To perform a self-test, simply hold the program button for 2+ seconds. If it does not sound the alarm, it may be a defective Siren that is covered under our 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Can I trigger the SSA3 with a rising signal, going from low(GND) to high?

  • Short Answer: No. Long answer: maybe. From the User Manual under advanced installation instructions, page 3: If the SSA3 needs to be triggered from the Security Panel, connect wires to terminal block JP2 terminals labeled GND and TRIG-ON GND. In this case, confirm that your Trigger from the Security Panel goes to GND when active. However, most security panels have the option to reconfigure triggers both ways. As a first step try changing trigger direction in your security panel for going from High to Low (GND). Secondly, if the security loop is not connected or is not necessary, you can try Low to High triggering from the security panel using the security loop contacts.

Can the Siren and Strobe alarm work with only on the 9V battery power?

  • The Siren can function on 9V battery, however, it is recommended plugged in (9V battery is for backup) in order to have all the security features.

Do I have to power my Alarm with a plug-in adapter? Can I not run it off the battery source?

  • In order to power the Alarm sustainably you have to use the power adapter for the Alarm. The battery is there just for backup in case of a power outage.

Water Valves

What Z-Wave Controllers/Gateways does the Water Valve work with?

  • Our water valve along with all our products are z-wave certified for compatibility and interoperability with all Z-wave gateways. That said, we have confirmed functionality with the following systems: SmartThings, Vera, HomeSeer, Nexia. New Home automation controllers are constantly coming to market and changing, so the above list is not inclusive or exclusive. It is also not a guarantee for functionality as this is out of our control. We encourage you to contact your system provider and ask about interoperability if you are unsure.

Does the unit work independently without any Z-Wave home automation network?

  • Yes, the unit will work independently of the z-wave network with limited functionality. If it is not included in a network, you will be limited to only local operation and the wired water leak probe.

Do I need an electrician to install the Water Valve unit?

  • An electrician is normally not required for installation of the water shut off valve. It simply plugs into your wall outlet. If there is no electrical outlet nearby to plug into, an electrician maybe required.

Do I need a plumber to install the Water Valve?

  • No, but we recommend it.  Check your state's plumbing code requirements. Most states require installation by a licensed plumber and, again, we recommend that you call a plumber to have it done right, and legally.

I have a Fortrezz WV-01 wireless valve and I was thinking about adding the optional backup battery. Is this possible and what is the recommendation?

  • Yes. You will need a ~12V battery that can supply the necessary current for closing/opening the valve IF NECESSARY. That means a peak of 3-4A at the start of motor movement and a steady 1A for the remaining 5-10 secunds of activation. Any 12V car battery will do the job.

Can I turn ON and OFF my WV-01 wireless valve like a switch and use it for irrigation? Can I do this remotely using my phone?

  • Yes. You will need to install the water valve in IRRIGATION MODE from the beginning. In this case the valve will act like a simple switch and can be turned ON or OFF from any remote device, phone, iPad etc. that works with your Z-Wave Controller.

Where should I install the Water Valve?

  • The Water valve should be installed on the main incoming water line. It should be installed slightly downstream of the existing manual shut-off valve but upstream from where the system begins to branch off to other appliances. It is also important to mount the valve so that the homeowner has easy access to the face of the unit and manual turn handle.

Can the Water Valve be installed outdoors?

  • No. The Water Valve and Water sensors are designed to be installed indoors, in crawl spaces, basements, garages, attics, or other locations away from the elements. Do not install the valve in an outdoor meter pit or in the ground.

Can I use the Water Valve on Hot water lines?

  • If you want to plumb the brass ball valve on your hot water line, it is perfectly OK to do so. The ball valve is rated for both hot and cold water lines.

Does the Water Valve help me qualify for a discount on my homeowner’s insurance premiums?

  • Please contact your insurance agent directly to see if they offer discounts for emergency water shut-off systems or security system enhancements such as this FortrezZ Water Protection & Prevetion System.

What if I need to turn the water off manually to work on my plumbing system?

  • Our Water Valve does not replace your existing manual shut-off valve, so you could use the control buttons on the face of the valve or you could use the existing manual shut-off valve to turn off your water for needed repairs.

Does the Water Valve protect against frozen or burst pipes?

  • The Water Valve system cannot prevent your pipes from freezing, but using our water temperature sensors will shut off your water in the event that the ambient indoor temperature near pipes equipped with the drops below a preset temperature. This can be setup using your z-wave gateway.

What happens when my electricity goes out?

  • The Water Valve will remain in the position that it was in when the power failed. When power is restored, the valve will remain in the position it was in prior to power failure. This setting is by default.

How long can the local probe be extended?

  • The probe wire extends ~ 9 feet.

My Water Valve will not connect to the Z-Wave network.

  • Have you checked the network status of the water valve before trying to add it to your network? The yellow status button, if presses, should flash either 3 times slowly, or 4 times. If it flashes only 2 times, that means it's in a network and needs to be removed prior to adding it to your network. If this is the case, remove it from the network, then press the yellow status button again. If it flashes 3, or 4 times, you can now add it to your network.

What if my valve doesn’t close completely?

  • Disconnect the power and open the cover. On the motor shaft, you will see the switch cam, a white plastic piece. It needs to be turned clockwise (looking from the top) just a few degrees. This can be done by hand. The cam is held in place by a friction washer spring. Then close the cover and power up the unit.

I have been unable to operate the device fully via Z-Wave. I can successfully close the valve, but not open it.

  • This means you have the valve installed in water alarm mode, which will not allow the valve to open with the same basic set command. This is a security feature set so that a water sensor detecting a leak doesn't continually open and close the valve (as the command the sensor sends is the same for open or close). The zwave gateway should be sending a smart command and not a basic set. One way you can get around this is to set the water valve up in water level mode (irrigation mode). This way, the same basic set command will open or close the valve. Instructions on this and explanation can be found in the user manual on page 6. To switch between water alarm mode and water level mode prior to inclusion in the network, do the following:
    • Hold the program button down for 1 or more seconds
    • While still holding the program button, press the open button (for water level mode) or the close button (for water alarm mode)
  • Note: This button press sequence is not available after network inclusion. See user manual page 7 for configuration change after network inclusion.

Can I setup the water valve to automatically close after a certain amount of water flows?

  • It is possible to setup the valve to shut off this way, however, you will need additional hardware. See our Flow Meter.

MIMOlite & MIMO2+

Can I use the MIMO as a Gate Opener with Apollo products?

  • Yes, see for example one wiring diagram on how one of our customers did this. Diagram is in the file section of the MIMOlite product.

How can I change relay operation from Latched to Momentary or the other way?

  • You MUST select the desired relay operation BEFORE you add the MIMOlite or MIMO to your z-Wave network.

    Inside the User Manual you will see location of the jumper and how the jumper needs to be installed for the two different modes of relay operation.
    If you already added the MIMO to your network and relay operatin needs to be changed, follow these simple steps: Remove the MIMO from the network, unplug the unit for 10 sec, remove or add the jumper as needed, plugin the unit and add to your network. Relay operation will be changed.

Can I control a DC motor driving it in two directions, forward and reversed, using the MIMOlite relay?

  • Yes. See wiring diagram document. You will notice that two DC batteries are necessary. Be cautious on the Motor ratings for Voltage and Current.  MIMOlite relay can support only 10A on the relay contacts.

I have your MIMOlite installed and working with my X controller so that the relay can be toggled to open and close my garage door. I have it setup as in the diagram on your website. I would like to get the wired sensor working so that I can tell whether the garage door is opened or closed. Could you tell me the Z-Wave command and what the payload would be for the contact sensor?

  • Using your controller, you should be able to set up Association Group #4 in the MIMOlite (with the controller as an associated node).   This will cause Binary Sensor Reports to be automatically sent to the controller indicating the state of the changed input with the following payloads:

            0xFF = SIG1 contacts open
            0x00 = SIG1 contacts shorted

  • This is assuming that the MIMOlite configuration parameter 8 is set to ‘digital’ (b0 = 1).  If your sensor does not open or short the contacts but instead supplies a voltage, the ‘analog’; configuration (Parameter 8, b0 = 0) may need to be set up.  The ‘digital’; configuration has a threshold around 1V while the ‘analog’; configuration can have a threshold and hysteresis within a wide range of voltages.  Refer to FortrezZ’s MIMOlite Configuration Utility for help in determining ‘analog’; thresholds and configuration settings. If you don’t want to use Association groups, you could set the controller to periodically poll the state of the input. You could use the Basic Command Class Get command or the Binary Sensor Get command to query the MIMOlite.  With either command the same payload considerations mentioned above apply. 

What is MIMO, what can I use it for?

  • MIMO simply stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output. With MIMO you can make virtually anything communicate via Z-wave to your network. Connect your old wired Security system and more.

    Here's a quick list:

  • Control motorized blinds / Shades
  • HVAC dampers / fan controls
  • Flow Meters
  • Monitor Voltages or currents
  • Many other low voltage applications

Could I use the MIMO as a garage door controller, just to connect the two garage door wires together using the low voltage relay, then a few seconds later turn it OFF?

  • Yes, you can use the MIMO to control your garage door. You should be able to open and close your garage door through your controller as you would just turn on/off a light.

Are you planning to manufacture a MIMO device for Europe Z Wave standard?

  • At this time, we do not plan to market and sell the MIMO on EU z-wave frequency. If this changes, we will announce it on the news section on our website.

Can I bridge the MIMO power supply voltage to the relay?

  • Yes, you can bridge the MIMO power supply to the relay. Caution is advised, the power supply is 13.5V.

The output for my relay for my MIMOlite does not get changed to momentary even though I removed the jumper, why is that?

  • In order to change the MIMOlite output to momentary, you have to first remove the MIMOlite from the controller. Then remove the jumper on pin 5 and disconnect the power for 15 seconds. Now when you add the MIMOlite back into the controller, the output will be momentary.

Can I perform a factory reset on my MIMO device?

  • There is no such option to reset the MIMO device from the hardware.

What input(s) can I feed into a MIMO device?

  • The MIMO accepts dry contact input, analog input, and digital input. The user can read the various inputs from the associated controller and use it accordingly.

What is the maximum voltage I can supply to the MIMO input?

  • The recommended maximum output for the MIMO is 16V.

General Questions

Product Availability on Amazon?

  • Only authorized distributors of our are given permission to sell our products on Amazon. Below is a list of Amazon sellers that we permit to sell.  **Please note*** that while others may list our product on Amazon, it is not supported by us and therefore carries no warranty or service through our return & warranty policy.  This is because we cannot guarantee the source of their supply and the product they have.  In many cases, Amazon sellers will buy up inventory from an auction clearing house, then post their inventory for sale as new stock.  This is compliant product and is in violation of our re-seller policy.  
  • It is your responsibility to verify the seller you purchase product from and work with them to remedy any issues you may have. 
    • HomeControls, Inc. (link to their amazon profile)
    • FortrezZ (link to our amazon profile)
    • Aartech (Canada Only)
  • In case you purchased product from a non-permitted Amazon seller, here's what we recommend you do:
    • Contact the seller and request a return for your product.
    • If they do not approve your return, file an A to Z claim through Amazon (What is A to Z claim?)

What Z-Wave controllers/Gateways do your products work with?

  • All our products are z-wave certified for compatibility and interoperability with all Z-wave gateways. That said, we have confirmed functionality with the following systems: 2GIG, Vera, HomeSeer, SafeMart, Alarm.com, Honeywell. To see confirmed systems for a specific product, refer to the FAQ section for that particular product. New Home automation controllers are constantly coming to market and changing, so the above list is not inclusive or exclusive. It is also not a guarantee for functionality as this is out of our control. We encourage you to contact your system provider and ask about interoperability if you are unsure.

Are your products available in EU frequency?

  • Yes, we offer many of our products for the Europe market. All our Water sensors, Sirens & Strobe Alarm Modules, & Water Valves are available in EU frequency.

Are the EU FortrezZ products any different from the US products?

  • The EU FortrezZ products are the same as the US products. The only difference is in the operating frequency. The EU products will operate in standard EU Z-Wave frequency (868.42MHz) and the US products will operate in the standard US Z-Wave frequency (908.42).

Can I control/check my products when I am not home?

  • You can control/check all of our products from any remote location as long as your controller/hub communicates through Internet and you have access to internet from your remote location.

Is It mandatory to have a RMA number in order to return a product to FortrezZ LLC?

  • Yes. You must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") number within the applicable Return Policy period. FortrezZ LLC will not accept returns without prior authorization and an RMA number. Once issued, RMA numbers are valid for 15 days. FortrezZ LLC must receive the returned products within this timeframe. RMA numbers will not be extended or reissued. Customer should prominently display the RMA number(s) on the shipping label of boxes containing the returned product.

How do I acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#)?

  • Send an email to support@fortrezz.com detailing your support issue

    If you have a special request, please give us a call at (704)940-9118 ext 1.

What address should I send my return to?

  • The address to send to is:

FortrezZ LLC
5440 Highway 55 E
Lake Wylie, SC 29710
Attn: RMA# (write your RMA number here)

Approximately how long will it be before a refund/credit actually appears on my credit/debit card?

  • It takes us approximately two business days to process a credit back to your credit card and 2-3 business days for it to appear on your statement.

How long does it take for FortrezZ LLC to process an RMA?

  • RMA processing time may vary depending on the product and reason for the return but generally processing time is 2-5 business days once the items is received and meet all following criteria: 
  1. Return with RMA number clearly identified in shipping label or on package. 
  2. Return with all original equipment, components, manuals, cables, documents, and packaging. 
  3. UPC code along with retail package. 
  4. No physical damage caused by customer or by carrier. 
  5. Item is NOT out of warranty when it is received.

You will receive updates via email.

When and why are restocking fees applied? How much is deducted when a return is subject to a restocking fee?

  • There is a restocking fee of 15% on all returns for refund (RGA Refund), unless waived by a Customer Support Agent. We charge this 15% restocking fee for all returns for refund to encourage customers to purchase products they intend to keep. We offer RGA Replacement without any restocking fee to support customers who have received a defective product.

Does FortrezZ LLC pay the return shipping cost for defective merchandise?

  • No, FortrezZ LLC does not pay the return shipping cost for defective merchandise. However, if you pay to send the item back to FortrezZ LLC, we will replace the item and ship the replacement to you at no charge. FortrezZ LLC will employ every resource it has to ensure that your item is replaced promptly, without hassle.

I received an email indicating that the item I RMA is no longer available or is backordered. What happens now?

  • If an RMA item is found to be on backorder and we cannot obtain the item, you will be notified by email and offered a similar replacement or a refund. We try to contact every customer in this case to find an agreeable replacement item or refund amount.

The tracking number for my return confirms that the Fortrezz LLC has received my returned product, but the RMA Status still does not show that it has been received. What now?

  • It takes one to two business days for an RGA to process as "received" once we receive it. If your tracking number confirms reception, give us a day or two to process the RGA, and then call us if your RGA Status still has not been updated.