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Prevent Water Damage

Statistics regarding water damage

  1. Property damage due to water is the 2nd largest cause of homeowner loss.

  2. Water damage accounts for $9.1 billion in property loss (2007–2009), about 23% of all property losses suffered by homeowners.

  3. The growth of water leaks and damage as components of homeowner’s insurance is faster than any other component of home insurance.

  4. It costs on average more than $20,000 to repair damage from water leaks.

  5. One study claims that up to 93% of the damage caused by leaks could have been avoided if a leak detection system were in place. This same study claims that an automatic shut-off system can also prevent damage.

The average family spends $1,100 per year in water costs.


Here's What Some Insurance Companies are Saying:

"Practically Eliminate That Risk (Water Damage)"